Sabie Tube Race Terms & Conditions

By proceeding to the checkout point you have agreed to adhere to the below terms and conditions for the event.



-No armband no entry

-If found without an armband during the event, you will need to show proof of registration.

-Only vehicles of people camping will be allowed on the premises.

-Indemnity form to be signed before obtaining access.

-Parents to accept full responsibility for any children under the age of 18.



-Parking, on arrival please see markings for day visitor parking allocated before the gates.

-Parking area will be secured at the best of our abilities.

-Round table or/and any of our partners will not be held liable for theft or damage with regards to vehicles.

-Only people that have paid for the accommodation will be allowed into the venue with their vehicle.



-Please keep the area clean and use rubbish bins provided.

-Please keep the river clean of any trash and tubes.

-No children allowed in the bar area.

-No cooler boxes in the bar area.

-If there are any issues please report them immediately.

-Please adhere to and respect security, police and event crew.

-Have fun and be safe!


Tube race

-No children under 13 allowed on tubes in the river at any stage.

-No walking up to the drop off point as place needs to be kept clear for trucks.

-No glass containers allowed on the river.

-Tubes are available, can be paid for online or at the gate.

-Welcome to bring your own tubes.

-Sun block!

-Be vigilant and always assist a fellow tuber!

-Have fun and be safe!



-Police divers on site to assist on the river.

-Full complement of paramedics.

-Security on site to assist with general organization and crime prevention.

-Round table and or any of their partners will not be held liable for theft, damage or injury.

-People camping on the premises are allowed to bring their own refreshment and consume them at their camping sites.

-Day visitors will not be allowed to bring in any alcohol.

-Food stalls will be available should you not wish to bring own food.

Round Table White River 64 & Sabie Tube Race Right of Admission Reserved.